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A TRUE SURVIVOR $7000 - For sale is a very solid 1952 Morris Minor MM sidevalve with 14,137 miles. When obtained from an estate it had a 1970 license plate. It still had its original Avon tires with red rubber inner tubes (all flat of course).The original Driver's Handbook, a factory workshop manual, and numerous pieces of literature are included. The following repairs were carried out in order to make the car operable: new fuel pump, complete cleaning of the fuel system, rebuild kits installed in all the hydraulics. The original starter and generator were rebuilt by P&G electrical rebuilders. The voltage regulator was replaced with newer type but the original regulator is included. A reasonably good set of Dunlop tires from a later Morris Minor 1000 were installed on the original rims. The engine was removed in order to install a new clutch disc (the original disc had seized to the flywheel). While out of the chasis the engine was painted. The valve clearances were set, new points and plugs were installed. The radiator was cleaned, the radiator hoses and fan belt were replaced. After changing the oil and filter it started right up and it runs very well. A complete exhaust system (identical to the original) was fabricated in aluminized pipe by a local exhaust specialist and installed. The car has no major rust. A few spots of surface rust which has been covered with red oxide primer but NO rust-through anywhere. The car has been repainted (over 40 years ago). The interior isn't perfect but it is restorable. We aren't experts but we think the interior is original. This car can be driven away as it sits. ----Many extra parts are also included. If interested contact me at wishbonegwp@gmail.com (10-22-2015)

1970 Morris Minor Traveller- Nice original porcelain green interior, body painted Almond green. Bodywork all good, no rust patches, all 4 wings are steel. Running well with no issues to transmission. Quiet 1098cc engine, with ribbed transmission. No knocks and no issues with gears or clutch. Original type Brakes performing well. The ash wood is still good. I've just started stripping off old varnish/ stain and will be redone shortly, and will hopefully get chance to polish up the paintwork. Price will be approx £4250 GBP, and off course I will include delivery to Southampton Docks. For more information, contact Mike at michael.storey4@ntlworld.com

1965 Morris - I Live in Ft lauderdale Florida, I imported my 1965 Morris from the UK a year ago and its been used quite a bit here.. ( 1000 miles this year I suspect)
Clear florida title.. Family owned car for 30 years and well maintained,Total  engine build 3 years ago ( and I have all the spares to do it again in the future) and it still has Leaded petrol head on it. Overhauled gearbox, axle and drive shaft. New carb, exhaust, brakes, interior leather, and paint job…. Very little rust in the car, drives well, new tires and just put a HD radiator in it last month. All the chrome replaced etc… Has to go as I just inherited a couple of Jags and need space and money.  I have history for last 20 years on car. It needs the front wheel bearings replaced ( I have them) and the park brake drags a bit at present from standing this last 3 months. Offers around 12K for it…  Its insured for 16K from Local valuation here in Florida. Please respond to phil@yachtprojects.net or yachtprojectsphil@gmail.com  
Respectfully – Phil Nicholas, US +1 912 695 2449, UK  +44 788 951  3159, Skype :  YachtprojectsPhil
Car located in Pompano Beach , Ft Lauderale, Florida. (1-12-2015)

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